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Snowball Security Scheme

The Chamber of Trade operates the Kirkby Lonsdale Snowball Security Scheme in order to deter and protect against shoplifting and other business related crimes in the town. It is a two tier scheme covering suspicion of shoplifting and other petty crimes and concern of pysical violence.

The system relies on a series of phone calls from one business to another in order to spread the word around the town from shop to shop if there is a concern about the behaviour of any particular customer. So, for example, if a business suspected that a customer was shoplifting they would ring into the system and set Tier 1 of the snowball rolling. Very quickly all CoT Members would be alerted to the potential risk.

In another example, if a business manned by, say, only one person became worried for their safety as a result of the behaviour of one of their customers they would ring into the system and set Tier 2 of the snowball rolling.

The Snowball Security Scheme is available to Chamber of Trade retail members only. Click here for other member benefits.