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B4RN gigabit fibreoptic broadband for Kirkby Lonsdale

Posted Thursday, 5 July 2018

  • #siliconlunevalley
  • Ultra fast broadband is coming to Kirkby Lonsdale
  • #siliconlunevalley
  • Ultra fast broadband is coming to Kirkby Lonsdale

Everyone in the Kirkby Lonsdale area will have heard about the work done by B4RN community volunteer groups in villages and hamlets surrounding the town, with local residents’ planning, digging and finally connecting their own homes direct to the B4RN Gigabit (1,000 Mbps) fibre optic broadband network. 

Now there is the opportunity for Kirkby Lonsdale town residents to develop their very own B4RN community project if they want to.

B4RN Ltd in Melling is seeking non-binding expressions of interest from Kirkby Lonsdale residents, to gauge interest for such a project. Register your interest by signing the Expression of Interest form at Your details will only be used to share news and progress about any Kirkby Lonsdale B4RN group that forms this Autumn/Winter, to start such a project. 

People are also needed who can actively volunteer to support such a project - it's not all digging - local knowledge is vital to help plan routes, achieve free wayleaves and assist with materials delivery. Cake and drinks will always be welcomed by the volunteers when working also!

Yes, towns are trickier to do than villages, but nearby Ingleton and Sedbergh are doing their own town B4RN projects, so why not Kirkby Lonsdale?

B4RN is registered as a community benefit society and owned by residents in B4RN enabled villages in North Lancashire, South Cumbria and the Western Yorkshire Dales.

Visit the KL B4RN Community Project website for more information