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Holly Branch

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Ava Grace Live in The Barn

8:30pm Saturday, 20 July 2019

The Royal Barn, Kirkby Lonsdale LA6 2AB

Ava Grace brings versatile covers of Oasis, Joni Mitchell, Corrine Bailey Rae, Bill Withers to Britney Spears, Sia, Pharrel Williams jazz infused versions and also some Originals too. Perfect for kicking back into a long summers night.

Ava Grace

Ava Grace found her interest and passion grow from travelling with her parents from a young age. Staying with families and temporary swapping homes around the World. She would see each home would have something that reflected the people who lived there. From a vast vinyl collection, didgeridoo, artwork, guitars. This started to fascinate her. She decided she wanted to have something about herself like these people showed to have in their homes. So little Ava Grace persuaded her parents to buy a guitar for Christmas. With parents solely buying the guitar on how pretty it looked so they could display on the wall, believing this was a phase that would pass.

However, the fascination grew, leading to guitar lessons to have something to bond over with her father, to starting to write lyrics to music she would create. Only deciding to sing so she could show the songs she created. One day at school Ava decided she would apply to showcase these at their talent show. Having never performed or shared any of her material. Family and friends were shocked with news. “What would you showcase?” Unaware of her passion and grown interest, she took on family, friends and fellow school students by surprise.

Taking interest in Piano, Drums and many more instruments her love for music grew tremendously from then onwards. Ava built up her own business, where she continues to perform across the country and continues to perform abroad. Working with other Musicians, making connections, working hard to build the reputation she has locally, further afield. Ava Grace becomes an ever changing Jazz Inspired Artist taking on adventures across the world with a voice, suitcase and guitar.

A journey to watch.