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Doug Perkins & The Spectaculars

9:00pm Saturday, 8 December 2018

The Kings Arms, 7 Market Street, Kirkby Lonsdale LA6 2AU

Playing music inspired by the original pioneers of rock n roll such as Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash and Eddie Cochran, Doug Perkins & The Spectaculars are sure to get everyone in the room jumping and jiving. Harking back to a time when the size of the turn ups on your jeans and how much grease you could pile in your hair determined your social stature, Doug Perkins & The Spectaculars bring you songs about working in Booths supermarket and cruising around in your Astra 1.6. With their roots embedded in the raw and unique edginess of the 50’s rockabilly sound, DP and The Specs leave those run of the mill bands in a steaming wreck of molten skinny jeans and singed “Barbour” coats.

The band have released two EPs, Union Avenue Volume 1 and Union Avenue Volume 2. Find out more at their Facebook page.